UPDATE – North Carolina Denies Responsibility for Swamp Thing Cancellation

by Cameron Tevis
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The plot thickens.

It seems the bad news from Warner Bros. is still on a roll. Warner Bros. announced they were cancelling the Swamp Thing television series after airing only one episode.

Immediately fans recalled the report that there were production problems that led to cutting the season short. Many speculated that had something to do with the cancellation.  Regardless of the reason fans everywhere voice their concerns about Warner Bros. management of DC. It has become abundantly clear that Warner Bros. are incapable of handling anything related to comic books.

As people started reaching for their pitchforks, a new report was released that cleared Warner Bros. of blame. It stated a clerical error in North Carolina led to Warner Bros. losing over $26 million dollars in tax rebate benefits.

Of course now there is a new report. The North Carolina Film Office is denying that they are the cause of the cancellation. The Director of the North Carolina Film Office, Guy Gaster issued a formal statement:

The production team for Swamp Thing knew before production began that North Carolina would offer up to $4.9M in rebates for their pilot episode and $12M for the remainder of season one.  They accepted said offer and even signed a contract with the state with those figures. Per state legislation, the NC Film and Entertainment grant can only award up to $12M per season for a series. Per the program’s guidelines, pilot episodes are counted as their own series. In total, the program only receives $31M annually.

What this means for DC Universe in the long run is anyone’s guess. But you can expect to hear more about this story as it unfolds. You can also expect to see lawsuits flying around soon. Regardless of whose at fault, Warner Bros. continues to lose face, continues to lose customer confidence and continues to look like incompetent overseers of DC Comics.

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