Review: Supergirl #31

by Adam Ray
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Review: SUPERGIRL #31


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Marc Andreyko

Artists: Kevin Maguire, Eduardo Pansica, Sean Parsons, Eber Ferreira

Colors: Fco Plascencia

Letters: Tom Napolitano


Reviewed by: Adam Ray



Supergirl issue #31 picks up right were we ended number 30. There is something iconic about seeing those characters together. Supergirl, alongside Superman, his son, and Krypto make for an iconic team. The issue followed them as they defeated a gathering of Rogol Zar’s followers. The family learns how deep the plans that destroyed Krypton were. Following this, they decide to seek out Gandelo to make her pay for the wanton destruction.


If a writer throws together enough legendary characters, the result will always feel grand. This certainly fits that bill. The great red ‘S’ on some of comic’s finest characters, so seeing them all together on one page makes everything feel grand. We readers are treated with this gathering of the super family. It doesn’t even need to be anything remarkable. Them getting food together in a more subdued character issue would have been satisfying. Seeing the Super Family together is a personal comics highlight for some.



This is a big moment in the story. Therefore, you’d expect some emotional weight to Superman and Jor El learning what really happened to Krypton. However I saw none of that. This issue – though incredibly satisfying to see the El’s kick but – felt very throw-away. It did very little to contribute to the ongoing.


The rich artwork makes the battles across space seem grandiose and deserving. The characters this issue has gathered are among comic’s best. However, I feel that the injection of Superman hasn’t really been the jump-start the title needs. The arc that revealed what really happened to Krypton is ending. I personally do not feel that this is as big a deal as it should be.

Nevertheless, Supergirl Issue #31 is critical to understand what happened. I’m curious to see if this fun title can stay super.



Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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