Arrow Begins Production Of Final Season

by Joseph Marcas
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Arrow begins production on it’s final season this week as the show premieres this upcoming October on the CW. Cast and crew are sharing images from the set in preparation of the show’s farewell.

Editor’s Note: this story is an update to an article that ran early last week. You can read it here.

Arrow, the show that spawned the CW’s Arrowverse, is an influential television show that has changed the landscape in terms of what viewers can expect from superhero stories on the small screen. As fans begin to say farewell to Arrow, various members of the production team are sharing images on social media.

Cast And Crew Prepare For The End

Up first is show runner Marc Guggenheim who teased an image of Arrow’s costume for the upcoming season. Take a look:

As you can tell from the image, the costume features a more brighter color palette that is in more in line with the comics. The change to the colors will no doubt come as a more welcomed approach from fans just before the show leaves the airwaves.

Up next, writer and producer Beth Schwartz shared some images of a script on her Twitter account. Check out what an Arrow script cover page looks like:

Schwartz just had to add the little Funko pop version of Arrow for taste. Looks good!

And Of Course…

And of course, the one and only Stephen Amell got in on the action by tweeting too:

If you’re not familiar with that is, it’s a clapper board, with this one in use to distinguish scenes from each other. Clapper boards carry a lot of sentimental value considering that they are used on each scene. You can tell this moment means a lot Stephen Amell considering his words on the tweet: One last time.

It’s fair to say that it’s going to be tough for everyone involved to say goodbye. Arrow is so critical to the development and evolution of superhero shows that to see the show end will be tough for everyone involved.

Arrow’s final season begins on October 15th





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