DC Universe Service Will Not Be Affected By HBO Max

by Joseph Marcas
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DC Universe, which gives fans access to DC content, will remain intact despite the arrival of HBO Max. WarnerMedia’s new streaming service will continue to offer content from DC as well as number of other properties.

DC Universe Service Remains As Is….For Now

AT&T Time Warner recently announced that they will offering a mega package of content through their new streaming service title HBO Max. Fans of DC Comics and it’s various properties, were left wondering how that merger would affect DCU.

According to Gizmodo, Warner Bros announced that they will leave the DCU services as is for now while HBO Max gets ready to debut. HBO Max is expected to debut in the spring of 2020 with over 10,000 hours of content available to their subscribers.

If You Don’t Know…Now You Know

The DC Universe streaming app currently costs $8 here in the US though there is no service available internationally. The service itself gives subscribers access to DC movies, television shows, and animated shows. The service also has an increasingly growing catalog of comics.

DC Universe service also offers original content such as shows like Young Justice: Outsiders as well as the critically loved Doom Patrol. It also includes the news show DC Daily and documentaries.

The Beast That Is HBO Max

As for the HBO Max service, audiences can expect a juggernaut of a service with tons of content. Just to name a few, Warner Bros owns various movie studios such as New Line and HBO. They also own television channels such as TNT, Turner Classic Movies and TBS.

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