Sean Gordon Murphy Previews Upcoming Mr. Freeze Comic

by Joseph Marcas
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Sean Gordon Murphy, best known for his work on Batman: White Knight, took to Twitter to tease his next project. The comic will focus on Batman nemesis Mr. Freeze and appears to be a stand alone title.

Fan favorite writer/artist Murphy recently tweeted a series of images that showcase a new story centered around Mr. Freeze. Check out some of the teaser panels down below:

Heart Of Ice

As you can see, the images look great but offer some very interesting images that require a breakdown. First and foremost are the images that contain Nazi flags in what appears to be a WW II setting. The color palette used in those images also suggest perhaps that it’s a flashback due to its muted colors.

The images also hearken back to the Mr. Freeze origin story made popular in Batman: The Animated Series. In that version, Mr. Freeze conducts a cryogenic experiment on his wife in order to save her life. Things go wrong in an accident that leaves Victor Fries as unable to withstand anything but extreme cold. His wife is left frozen as Victor searches for ways to bring her back.

Sean Gordon Murphy Artwork Mr. Freeze

image courtesy of CBR

As you can tell from the artwork, the book looks very good so far and is sure to be a great seller for DC Comics. After the success of White Knight, it’s safe to say Murphy will be given a lot of freedom when it comes to his version of the Batman universe.

A Cool Creative Team

Sean Gordon Murphy includes details about the creative team that he will be collaborating with for the project. Artist Klaus Janson (The Dark Knight Returns) and Matt Hollingsworth (Daredevil: End Of Days) will be working alongside Murphy for this book.

Murphy is also working on the release of his next book in the Batman ‘Murphyverse’ called Batman: Curse of the White Knight. That book is scheduled to be released very soon on July 24th, 2019



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