Review: Lucifer #10

by Seth Singleton
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Review: LUCIFER #10



[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Dan Watters

Artists: Max Fiumara and Leomacs

Colors: Dave McCaig

Letters: Steve Wands


Reviewed by: Seth Singleton


Lucifer is legion. The Devil and Caliban search for an agreeable afterlife. Hence their arrival at the subterranean realms of Naraka. Here the gods wear many faces and the ocean is infinite. Meanwhile: an angel swats at flies, Caliban throws a tantrum, and something hungry is born.



The story opens with a gory display. The Morningstar’s penchant for bloodletting is juicy. He then accuses Isis of planning the death of her husband. Meanwhile, Osiris is choking on his own blood at Lucifer’s feet. Isis denies that it is all a ploy to raise the prominence of Da’at by offering the newly vacated throne to the the Devil. Lucifer is more than prepared for the entire production. In this case, he spins catastrophe to his advantage. He threatens to turn all of Da’at to rubble unless he is granted a boon of his choosing.


Naraka is a clever environment. It showcases the many incarnations and layers that exist in the Hindu pantheon. Not surprisingly, we learn that versions of Vishnu have met the Devil. In addition, some created a relationship with the first of the fallen. At the same time, others only know Lucifer by reputation.


Also, Caliban is desperately trying to talk to his father about something. It could be the deal that heaven has offered. Or it could be the knowledge he gained from Lord Fowler’s captured demon last issue. Unfortunately, neither topic is easy to discuss when traveling between underworlds. Lucifer will have none of Caliban’s attempts. He smacks and demeans his misbegotten son. Finally, Caliban loses his cool and tosses the blade of moonlight into the Ocean of Nothingness.  where the god Yama currently resides. Above all, Lucifer said he could only return from the ocean with the wings he no longer owns. Subsequently, the choice to dive into the abyss without knowing what the outcome will bring makes this the perfect mystery to close the book.


Lucifer may be legion. In this case he is not the only one. Particularly impressive is Sycorax. In addition to her prominence as a witch she is the lover who spurned the Prince of Darkness for his weakness. Conversely, she bore their son Caliban, which further elevated the symbolism of Sycorax. To begin with, witches have come from around the world to celebrate her return. Furthermore they are holding a Witches Sabbath that cannot be seen by the archangel Raguel.

Later, a saboteur directs Raguel to investigate the island. He recognizes the celebrating witches. Raguel attacks with the fury that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. But, an unexpected ally, a demon unleashed by the same pair who killed  Mazikeen wounds the archangel’s right eye.



I think I missed something. I thought the story could have ended when Lucifer secured his boon from Isis and Osiris. When it continued I was curious. What else might Lucifer want beyond a boon that will guarantee safety for Sycorax and Caliban? I wonder what else Lucifer was seeking. In this case he might believe securing multiple options will keep Sycorax safe.



It’s not easy to craft a genuine mystery. I love the misdirection while exploring the details of theological underworlds. In conclusion, I can only imagine how far beyond the Ocean of Nothingness this story will continue to dive. I look forward to reading more about the search for refuge in the afterlife.



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