Ruby Rose Explains Absence From Comic Con

Ruby Rose Batwoman

Ruby Rose (Batwoman) is turning to social media to explain her absence from San Diego Comic Con this year. The actress is very sorry for disappointing fans at the Batwoman panel as well as other scheduled events.

The Lady Vanishes

San Diego Comic Con is now over and in the history books and there is a lot of talk about who and what was there. However, with regards to Ruby Rose, everyone is talking about how she wasn’t at SDCC at all.

Rose took to Instagram to address fans about her audiences. Take a look below:

In the video, Rose addresses the fact that it would have been her first time at Comic Con as a special guest. For those, that were down in San Diego this past weekend, Rose’s face was everywhere. Her face was on the sides of hotels, restaurants, and bus stops all near the convention center.

Rose stated how they tried “everything that we could humanly to be there […]it wasn’t until really now that we saw there wasn’t any other way to finish this ambitious episode we’re doing and create this amazing show that really is special”. Scheduling seemed to be the culprit here since Batwoman is under an intense shooting schedule.

The Show Goes On

Batwoman executive producers Caroline Dries and Sarah Schechter also addressed the conspicuous absence of Rose during the scheduled panel. The producers were acknowledging the disappointment of fans by saying, “People came to see a giant band and we’re like the bass player”.

At the panel, the producers did go on to comment on what Batwoman means for representation in the industry. They added:

“Representation is everything and diversity is our strength…We love this character and we love her sexuality and we love her beyond her sexuality…We’re really proud of being able to have an out lesbian woman front and center of these shows.”

DCN hopes to see more of Rose in the future and we hope that she will be able to attend next year’s Comic Con with many more after that.

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