Ava DuVernay Talks ‘New Gods’ Villains And Casting

by Kevin Sharp
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Darkseid is.

…the main villain of the upcoming DCEU New Gods movie, according to director and co-writer Ava DuVernay. She took to Twitter to answer fan questions while promoting her TV mini-series When They See Us; the subject turned to the New Gods, which DuVernay is scripting alongside Tom King.

When a fan asked about the Lord of Apokolips, the answer came back simple and direct:

Ava Duvernay New Gods

Another person sent a question about the Female Furies, Big Barda’s crew from the time before she met Scott Free:

Ava Duvernay New Gods

When the subject turned from villains to casting, which is still in the most preliminary stages, DuVernay had this to say:

ava duvernay new gods

We’ve already seen Jack Kirby’s Fourth World represented in Justice League (with the Parademons and Steppenwolf), but let’s hope DuVernay and King can deliver the cinematic vision the New Gods saga deserves.

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