Review: Krypton 2×10 – The Alpha and Omega

by Cameron Tevis
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Review: Krypton 2×10 – “The Alpha and Omega“

Krypton Season 2 Cover


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Director: Ruba Nadda

Writers: Luke Kalteux & Cameron Welsh

Starring: Cameron Cuffe, Georgina Campbell, Shaun Sipos, Colin Salmon, Ann Ogbomo, Wallis Day


Reviewed by: Cameron Tevis



The remnants of the moon Wegthor rain down on Krypton but crash harmlessly into the city shields. Zod learns that many in the rebellion survived the moons destruction, including Val-El.

Nyssa and Adam Strange lament over their recent losses. But during that conversation, Nyssa learns about Adam’s Zeta Beam technology.  She sees the zeta beam as her chance to save Jor-El.

The remaining survivors of the rebellion discover that Seg-El has survived. They reunite and decide they must strike at Dru-Zod.

Nyssa steals the Zeta beam and activates it. She is teleported to a beautiful planet, but one ravaged by war. She sees winged men flying high in the sky.

The rebellion has one more night to enjoy themselves before they confront Zod. Val gives Adam something very special.

Lyta and Seg confront Zod with the fate of Krypton and the entire universe at stake.

Seg and Lyta


This episode had so many great moments. It was good to see the conclusion of the fight against Zod, but it was the set-up for next season that was really exciting.

One of my biggest gripes for the entire series was their use of Adam Strange. Strange wasn’t a time-traveler so I didn’t understand why they chose him. But since they did, they still were not utilizing the character to his fullest. This episode saw Adam receive his signature red suit and rocket pack. Therefore, next season he should be more in line with his character in the comics. And of course, there is the return of Lobo.

But the biggest takeaway from this episode is what Nyssa witnessed while on Rann. She found Rann but discovered it was at war. She saw the mark of the Omega Men rebellion on the side of a mountain. Then she looked up and saw an army of winged men flying across the sky.  There are so many possibilities for season 3 now that it can’t get here soon enough.



The last two episode have been exceptional. It has been difficult to find anything wrong with them. But if I do have a complaint it once again goes back to Adam Strange. It’s exciting they are finally showing hints of the one true Adam Strange, but I don’t understand the road to get there. Why did they paralyze him in order to get the suit finally? It makes very little sense. Strange has never been paralyzed. But with how great the show has become I am more than willing to see how his story plays out.

Lobo Returns


I enjoyed season one, but many people complained at the slow pace. If you are one of the people that felt that way, I highly recommend you give season 2 a try. For as much as I did enjoy season one, season 2 was far superior in every regard. It also explores the DC Universe in a very exciting way. If season 3 lives up to its potential with Thanagar, the Omega Men and Adam Strange, then I expect next season will be even better.


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