Review: Superman: Up In The Sky #3

by Carl Bryan
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Up in the Sky


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom King

Artist:  Andy Kubert

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Colors: Brad Anderson


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


“What? No! That’s…Why would I…worry…about you Lois?  I’ve got…uh…I know you..uh,,you can take care of yourself.  Right?- Superman via a “phone call” to Lois.

Superman is tormented by visions of the death of Lois Lane while awaiting his turn to place a phone call! Then, a detour through time lands the Man of Steel on the battlefields of World War II next to Sgt. Rock and the combat happy joes of Easy Company! Originally published in SUPERMAN GIANT #7 and #8.

Sgt Rock


Tom King taps into the biggest fear we have in the communication age…not being able to “get in touch with” your wife, child, dearest friend…you name it.  That busy signal, that unanswered text or phone call.  That concern is what is happening in Clark’s mind.  He’s faster than a speeding bullet, but what if he cannot get to Lois.  His waiting in line is akin to someone in a hospital waiting to be admitted back to see their relative who is in emergency surgery.

And the imaginative ways he is viewing Lois dying…at the hands of villains like Toyman, the Joker, General Zod, a Dinosaur…his mind is racing and we are there with him.

King even allows Superman to vent to a fellow alien who is awaiting his turn as well.  When Superman is ready to give up truth, justice and the American way and throw the whole “damn planet into the blackest of holes”.  He is frustrated.  King allows Clark, the most powerful being in the Universe, to simply wait and wait and wait his turn for a phone call.  How human is that?

Sgt Rock

Positives (even more)

The Sgt Rock segment of the book is perfect.  If ever Clark needed a pep talk, it is now within this adventure that King has written.  And what better explanation is a time travel worm hole that has Clark in the middle of war along with Sgt Rock and Easy Company.  Still ever the most powerful being in the Universe, but without a memory, Clark learns to put one foot in front of the other.

The exchange between Clark and Sgt Rock is priceless.  “I know I don’t want a gun.  I don’t know why…it’s just not who I am.  But I also know I do want to go with you, keep going because somehow that’s also who I am.”  Even with amnesia, Clark holds his moral compass high.

I’m loving how DC as a whole is taking characters from its past and incorporating them into current story lines.  Sgt Rock as well as Kamandi, the JSA, and others are giving comic history buffs a reason to buy and buy and buy!

The art work continues to be superlative and Andy Kubert continues to provide all aspects of emotions to Superman in this King story!

Frustration along with a Moral Compass seems to be the order in this issue and it is firing on all cylinders!



I know where this is going as I have read the Giant issues, but King is really ready for his own Superman series to run with!  King really has written his “love letter” to this character in this story!



Again, the artwork alone is worth the price of admission!   All this and Sgt Rock!  Wow!  Buy this issue as even as a standalone within the story, it is a perfect glimpse into the human side of Superman!


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