Review: Supergirl #33

by Adam Ray
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Review: SUPERGIRL #33


[Editor’s note: this review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Marc Andreyko

Artists: Kevin Maguire, Scott Hanna, Eduardo Pansica

Colors: Fco Plasencia

Letters: Tom Napolitano


Review by: Adam Ray



The dramatic conclusion to the “House of El United” storyline is here. We find the party responsible for the destruction of the Kryptonian homeworld, after the previous issue’s battle. Throughout, Supergirl struggles with how long her journey has been across the universe. She reminisces, and gives us readers a very direct insight into how she’s feeling. A brief tangle with interplanetary law, and we really see a nice resolution to an arc many issues in the making.


This issue has some wonderful moment of character expressions in the artwork. An entire scene is given to Supergirl. We really feel her internal struggle. A lot of the issue is her describing how she feels, but this blend of detailed artwork and clear text that really shows the character. Only some film can really show this so clearly.


I’m not sure what this issue really achieved. It had the title that closed the “House of El – United” storyline. There’s nothing in the issue that clearly concludes anything. Our heroes are escorted from one set piece, to another. We get heartwarming but unclear scenes where Kara speaks to the men in her life: Superman and Zndr. We get the logic behind why she’s going back to Earth. None of it has the oomf you’d expect from a series close.

Another thing that doesn’t really register is the way she expresses her feelings. It’s very easy to be told that she’s angry. It’s easy for us to hear that she appreciates Superman as a diplomat. If a reader is simply told these things, it becomes difficult to connect to those sentiments. If we are shown with some dialogue or actions how she feels, we get to experience it with her, therefore making it far more sincere.



It is a satisfying ending to an extended storyline. With the direction that the character has traveled, we readers can expect anything to happen going forward. While this series may not have had the rousing conclusion we were expecting, Supergirl as a title can grow to new heights from this foundation.


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