‘Joker’ Targets October Box Office Record

by Jeff Testanero
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‘Joker’ Targets October Box Office Record

…does that come as a surprise to anyone?

With the release of Joker only 2 weeks away, the box office projections begin to become more numerous and are driving the film towards a box office record.

The movie world has something called “tracking” which projects what a picture will make during its opening weekend and run while in the theaters.  Some are projecting Joker to open as low as $82 million for an opening weekend while others are projecting a $103 million dollar opening.  According to the tracking reports, the average is around $90 million dollars for the Todd Phillips’ directed film opening weekend.

How is Joker projecting towards a box office record?  Well, even at the low-end ($82 million) Joker would become the biggest opening for ay film in October, ever.  Currently the October box office record holder is Venom which opened October 5, 2018 at $80.2 million dollars.

'Joker' projected to beak the current October box office record set by 'Venom'

‘Joker’ projected to beak the current October box office record set by ‘Venom’

Joker has received many good reviews and already won an award so combine those two factors with the very high level of customer interest, the record set by Venom last year should be a very obtainable target for Joker.

What does Warner Bros think? Well the studio is projecting a result between $65 million and $80 million.  Now I know what you’re thinking, does this mean the studio doesn’t have faith in the movie?  No, not at all as studios are known to shoot low with their projections to keep the expectations of executives a little more “in-check” so they don’t freak if the movie doesn’t reach a super high number.

After all of the trailers and even an award to boot, we can only speculate how high Joker can reach the box office in terms of dollars.

Joker opens in theaters on October 4th

Stay tuned to DC Comics News for more surrounding Joker as it breaks.

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