Review: Batman Universe #3

by Seth Singleton
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Review: Batman Universe #3



[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artists:Nick Derington

Colors: Dave Stewart

Letters: Joshua Reed


Reviewed by: Seth Singleton


Batman Universe #3: The hunt for the Fabergé egg and the secrets it contains continues across the DC Universe, as Batman escapes Thanagar and Gorilla City, only to land with Green Lantern on Dinosaur Island! Can these heroes stop Vandal Savage before he unlocks the egg’s secrets? Originally published in BATMAN GIANT #7 and #8.


The slingshot teleportation from Thanagar to Gorilla City is jarringly perfect. It starts with the blackout panels and the white outlines. When Batman regains consciousness the panels reveal the shocking carnage in Gorilla City. The shocking revelation that Vandal Savage is responsible is only deepened by the knowledge that his appearance was timed with the disappearance of Batman. Likewise Batman’s appearance means that Savage is already far away from the destruction.


Thanagarians do not believe Bruce Wayne’s claims that he is on a case even after he removes his weapons and cowl. Only after they confirm that he knows Green Lantern and Superman does Chief of Officers Jixsa Hol introduce herself. It also sets up the chance to see the Dark Knight in an Nth metal wing harness. It’s a short-lived moment that is interrupted by a giant. Onimar Sinn is a the Sin-Eater and to paraphrase the young people, he is all bad and hella extra.


Batman and Green Lantern on Dinosaur Island is playground-fodder for someone like Brian Michael Bendis. It even outshines the preceding scene with Cyborg and Hal Jordan playing coy with Batman in the recovery room. It’s a lot of, ‘Dude, you’re so cool,’ but it brings Hal along at the mention of Savage. Likewise Jordan is quick to point out that Batman has never been to his house. Which then leads to the pronouncement that nothing is better than “Stately Wayne Manor” followed by a fight with dinosaurs.



Batman’s claim that Vandal gets under his skin is a weak moment. It sounds like something that Bruce would say at a party. But this isn’t Bruce and Hal hanging out. It’s the Dark Knight and the Emerald Knight facing down an immortal enemy who is going to get it right one day if they don’t do something substantial. Even Jordan sounds too casual in this scene.



The journey from Hawkman’s homeward, to Gorilla City, and then Dinosaur Island feels like a series of spontaneous events. The item in question a portal that is out of the control of those who make contact with it. The questions are a puzzle and only Bendis knows the answer. By sticking with more Batman and less Bruce in collaboration with Green Lantern, the journey won’t be boring.



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