Review: Pennyworth 1X07 – “Julie Christie”

by Tony Farina
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Pennyworth Cover


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Director: Claire Kilner

Writer: Seth Sinclair

Starring: Jack Bannon, Emma Paetz, Ben Aldridge, Ryan Fletcher, Salóme Gunnarsdóttir, Hainsley Lloyd Bennett, Polly Walker, Dorothy Atkinson, Ian Puleston-Davies, Paloma Faith, and Jason Flemyng.


Reviewed by: Tony Farina



Pennyworth episode seven finds Alfred, Bazza and Dave Boy searching the premises of the man whom they think killed Esme. They find her ring. The question the landlady. Things are tense. Clues are followed. Bet arrives.

Peg and Lord Harwood have a sit down with the good doctor about the future of the Raven Society. Things are tense. Nothing really happens.

Martha and Thomas go back to Crowley’s place to save Patricia. Jason Ripper is still there. That can’t be good. Patricia seems to be in good shape. Is that good? Thomas shows his darker side while Martha is vexed.

The world of Pennyworth’s London just keeps getting stranger.




Mark Scruton is the production designer on Pennyworth. He deserves a bunch of award. This show is so slick looking. Nothing ever feels out of place even when it should. This episode sees a couple pushing a baby stroller with a PIG in it. Seriously, that happened. As absurd as that sounds, it makes perfect sense.

Alfred and Bet are on screen together. It is just for a second, but the promise of more of that is compelling. I want more of that. More of that please EPIX and Mr. Heller. Bazza and Dave Boy had a lot more to do this week. Bennett and Fletcher are really good actors. Giving them more to do is smart.

Martha and Thomas have more on screen chemistry than they have so far. That is important. We need to believe they will end up with Bruce.


That final scene. Whoa. Buckle up.


I know that that Matha Kane and Thomas Wayne are integral to Alfred’s life, but again, the show is called Pennyworth, not Thomas and Martha dance with the devil in the pale moon light. I understand they need to be featured, but that could have been cut down just a bit. The whole side story with Crowley is just a bit too much. It seems to have run it’s course and they can just refer to it in flashbacks.



That last scene is so good. What the hell is going on? Who can Alfred trust? Should he trust anyone? Pennyworth is the little engine that could. Hopefully, Epix gives it the love it deserves.



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