Boom Studios Review: Once and Future #2  

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Once and Future #2

Once and Future

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer:  Kieron Gillen

Artist: Dan Mora

Letters: Ed Dukeshire

Colors:  Tamra Bonvillain


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan



“Don’t stare at the unearthly demon ladies.  Its rude!” – “Gran” Bridgette McGuire to Duncan, her grandson.

The McGuire family has held back supernatural threats for generations, but this time they messed up. As an ancient evil arises from the grave, Bridgette and Duncan find themselves up against forces bigger than they could have expected, and faces new and old are about to complicate things further.


Once and Future


Where to begin?  Writer Kieron Gillen and Illustrator Dan Mora have taken an epic idea in a race to stop King Arthur from being resurrected into modern day!   It’s a scholar work where an Indiana Jones could fit in quite nicely! “Gran” Bridgette McGuire is a Grandmother who packs some heat and has a mouth and intellect that matches.  “If your jaw drops every time we see anything with a little fairy sparkle on it, we’re going to be spending half our day pick  it up!”  She’s a walking history lesson who guards against supernatural threats. 

And she now has to enlist the aid of her novice grandson Duncan. It is definitely not the summer vacation you would expect at Grandma’s house! Add in a rival who is on the mission to bring Arthur and his round table back to life, and you have arguably an apocalypse on your hands.

What a great playground!  If this doesn’t work out, just think of what can be brought to life that Gran and Duncan have to deal with! Mora’s illustrations are wonderful! 

And the detail…It reminds me of a Dan Jurgens’ run he had on Superman where the frames were drawn with such precision.  For the art alone, you should check this comic out! 

However, that is not all.  Gillen has really come up with an outstanding idea.  Sometimes we simply want history to remain in the books, but she literally is bringing it to life!




None to speak of here!  I look for new comic series all the time and this was definitely a read, re-read, and then re-re-read to fully appreciate the art and the story line!




I am ready for issue #3, and issue #4.   If Boom Studios’ foreshadowing is on point, this may be the start of a really really good run of a story line!  Get yours today!

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