Image Comics Review: Pretty Violent #2

by Tony Farina
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Pretty Violent 2


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Derek Hunter and Jason Young

Artist: Derek Hunter

Colors: Spencer Holt


Reviewer: Tony Farina




Pretty Violent… with lots of swears #2 begins where the last issue left off. Bay City is on fire and Gamma Rae is to blame. She really just wants to do good, but she is so, so bad. It isn’t her fault really. She comes from a family of villains.

For example, locked in a cage in the family lair is Cavern Kid. Family member Sludge is doing experiments on him to see if he can make him into a zombie. Good times. The rest of her clan picks on her and offers her suggestions. It doesn’t go well. She has a short fuse. She does come from a family of baddies after all.

In a rage, Gamma goes off to protect kids from a playground bully. Of course, she goes overboard and her death count is about to rise when along comes The Savior. He, it turns out, is pretty much garbage. Read on to find out more.


The focus of this book is really good. Having one solid story was the way to go. Gamma Rae is pretty lovable for being a wrong headed moron. The jokes land much more firmly this month. The pilot episode of any TV show is usually uneven and that was the case last time. Now that we have a solid foundation and we have a hero (sort of) and we have some baddies (sort of), we can go forward.

The work that Derek Hunter does with his pencils is so delightful. The way that Gamma looks is perfectly juxtaposed to the ultraviolet world she inhabits. Each crash, blood splatter or vomit spewing horde look like they belong on Saturday morning cartoons. Words simply don’t do it justice. Go forth and look. That cover itself says it all. A bloody ice cream truck is just perfect.

Also, that newscaster has a shotgun in the van? What is that about? I am not sure, but it is amazing.



The family dynamic is a bit confusing. It seems like that story is going to be told in flashback and exposition. For now, we know that it is complicated. That works, but how long can complicated last? That it a good question.



Pretty Violent… with lots of swears #2 is not just about Gamma Rae and her family. This is not just a normal super hero book nor is it even a super hero satire. This is a book about the capricious nature of human opinion. It is about fake news and social media. It is just the book we need right now. Pick it up.


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