Dark Horse Review: Triage #2

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Triage #2



[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Phillip Sevy

Artists: Phillip Sevy

Colors: Phillip Sevy

Letters: Frank Cvetkovic


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan



“Are you a triplet?  Is this a-a-a what is that show…a clone thing? – Tab, Evie’s Girlfriend

Evie Pierce, Marco, and Orbit wake up from their recent jump between realities with only hours remaining before their next confrontation with the Hunter, an interdimensional being set on destroying them! The three women must figure out they are being targeted, how they relate to each other, and what they can do to escape certain death.




Issue 2 brings about the “unfamilarity” that comes from learning you have two (and really three) doppelgangers from alternate universes with an assassin in hot pursuit.   Phillip Sevy seems to have found an interesting premise in bringing together three women in an unusual array of circumstances across possible worlds and galaxies to a realm called the Outside.

Evie is a bit morose as her role is that of physical therapist Tab’s girlfriend . She really has no super powers to lend at this moment that we know of.  But as the weakest member of this odd trio, she has the biggest target on her back.

Marco is an apocalyptic warrior and Orbit is an egotistical super hero that doesn’t find anything wrong with hitting on Tab.  Her rationale – it really isn’t cheating as we are basically the same person.

This is a great play ground that Phillip Sevy has created.  He could do a lot with this as this is a mini-series.  I hope once Triage is sewed up, he will devote some more time in creating more characters that can be shared across this universe.  But for right now, all three of these ladies must stay alive.

If the Hunter kills all three of them, existence fades away!  And the weakest one of the three – Evie seems to be the easiest target.  However Tab has something to say (and shoot) about it!



I’m still on board as this mini-series starts pretty aggressive and with alternate universes at stake, one wants to see how a ordinary nurse, a mercenary, a super hero, and a deceased lady have in common for all of existence to….exist.



If you are into buying #1 issues to see if it is worth your time, then you will be happy with Triage #1.  The premise is interesting, there are a few surprises and it doesn’t follow a comic formula.  You would do well to pick this issue up and then anticipate getting #2 and #3.  Phillip Sevy seems to be onto something!  And we are the benefactors!


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