Baltimore Comic Con 2019: Day 3

by Thomas ODonnell
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Baltimore Comic Con 2019: Day 3

Written By: Thomas O’Donnell

Sunday, Day 3 of the 2019 Baltimore Comic Con.

I had the pleasure of running into Michael Finn at Jim Steranko’s booth.  Mr. Finn is the creator of the successfully backed and highly anticipated Kickstarter graphic novel “The Liberty Brigade“.  I was treated to some preview pages and I have to say this book looks fantastic! Click on the link and pre-order a copy today!

No different then Day 1 and Day 2 I started off Day 3 by stopping to get some mini-figs.  I am addicted to mini-figs, There I said it!

BCC 2019

I visited with William Stout for awhile where I bought a beautiful print of Metropolis (my favorite silent film), an Abbot and Costello meet the Universal Monsters print, and an untitled print.  I also got a copy of Media Scene signed by Mr Stout.


And then on to today’s panels.

First up we have the Kevin Nowlan Spotlight moderated by the chair of MICA’s Illustration Department and award winning creator Jose Villarrubia.


As always when Howard Chaykin speaks, I listen! For those who watched the previous days Chaykin panel, Howard was about tell a story about Gil Kane and himself watching a movie, but he was interrupted by a phone call and never finished the story. He does however finish that story here.


After the panels I headed back out to the con floor to check out more creators and vendors.

Stopped by Geeki Tiki and did some early Christmas shopping.

Baltimore comic con

I got a couple of deals toward the end of the day, an Amazing Heroes #3 which features an article about The Justice Society of America, I also picked up the Avengers Death Vault graphic novel.

My friend and fellow Steranko Henchman Fran, pointed me in the direction of a booth that had magazines and such, I thumbed through all he had and picked some great issues at a decent price.

And so concludes another great year at The Baltimore Comic Con!



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