Dylan Dog And Batman Team Up For Epic Crossover

by Joseph Marcas
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Dylan Dog is coming to America for his next adventure in a limited series featuring Batman. The collaboration marks the first, but not the last, between Sergio Bonelli Editore, DC Comics and RW Edizioni.

It’s A Me…Dylan Dog!

Dylan Dog is an Italian horror comic book based on a character of the same name published by SBE. The character is considered a ‘nightmare investigator’, because his cases take him into the really dark recesses of the human mind. He wears the same outfit all the time yet is able to seduce some of his female clients from time to time.

The limited series will include well known characters Batman and Joker in a story that will feature Dylan Dog and his arch nemesis, Dr. Xabaras. Dr. Xabaras is described as a ‘mad scientist’ type because of his obsession with immortality. To add to his madness, Dr. Xabaras considers himself to be Dylan Dog’s father.

Before coming to most comic shop shelves, issue #0 will be available first at Lucca Comics and Games 2019.

The issue is called “Relazioni Pericolose” (Dangerous Liaisons) and will be written by Roberto Recchioni. The art will be done by Gigi Cavenago and Werther Dell’Edera.

Italian Jobs

SBE is one of Italy’s oldest publishers and is very excited to be partnering with an equally old company in DC. SBE Editor in Chief, Editorial Strategy, Michele Masiero, had this to say about the collaboration with DC Comics:

“Everyone at Sergio Bonelli Editore is thrilled to be part of an event of this magnitude. Our creative imaginations have been racing since the moment this kicked off with our friends at DC and RW.”

RW Edizioni, the publisher who publishes DC books in Italy, also chimed in on the collaboration. CEO Pasquale Saviano had this to say:

“We are proud to help make this historic project possible and to be part of it. We are looking forward to working with SBE and DC to bring Italian readers the most exciting stories that they never expected.”

Hopefully this collaboration marks the beginning of many more between DC Comics and SBE. Even so, both publishers will no doubt be keeping an eye on sales to determine just that.


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