Titans Will Return For Season 3

by Joseph Marcas
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Titans will be returning on the DC Universe streaming platform for its third season. The show will release in the Fall of 2020.

One Order Of Titans Season 3 Please

Season 2 of Titans is currently underway on the DC Universe service and will be wrapping up very soon. The show is currently nearing the end of its 13 episode season with only a few more to go. With that said, fans of the show can rejoice that the show will continue… at least for one more season.

For fans of the Titans, this current season features one of their favorite villains while the good guys get some new additions. This season is heavy on the flashbacks as the team learns to deal with the past – a past that includes their greatest villain Deathstroke.

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Rockin Robin

Speaking in an interview with Comicbook.com back in October, series lead Brenton Thwaites had this to say about the current season:

“There are parts of both which I really enjoy. However, I feel like, without each other, they wouldn’t succeed. The more introspective character development that we have in season two lead to major discoveries and developments in fighting Deathstroke, and in supporting the notion of these big set pieces and big fights scenes. I think it’s important that when these characters come together and ultimately fight Deathstroke, it’s imperative to know their journeys, where they’ve been.”

One of the challenges of the current season has been juggling the rather large cast of characters on the show. Thwaites had this to add:

“I think the challenge in having a cast of 15 or 16 superheroes is in fulfilling everyone’s individual journey. So, unfortunately, on this season, we haven’t really had the chance to really delve into any singular character’s long-form character journey. But on the plus side of that, it’s been a great way to show how … members of a family can support each other and ultimately defeat evil.”

The DC Faithful are just going to have to see how this current season wraps up before we can even begin to speculate on season 3.

Catch Titans Season 2 on the DC Universe streaming service right now.


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