Image Comics Review: SONATA #6

by Carl Bryan
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Image Comics Review: SONATA #6



[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer:  Brian Haberlin and David Hine

Artists: Geirrod van Dyke and Brian Haberlin

Colors: Geirrod van Dyke

Letters: Frances Takenaga


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


“I always feel safer with a gun in my hand when your father is around.  What about you? ” – Fedala, Pau’s Mother

“A LESSER GOD” With one of our star-crossed lovers mortally wounded, the first story arc reaches its climax with death and betrayal on all sides. The Tayans prepare to break out the big guns and nothing short of a miracle will save the planet from all-out war.



Brian Haberlin and David Hine continue to add to their mythical world and it gets richer and richer with each issue.

Pau’s mother, Fedala, has arrived and her homecoming to her Tayan family is not what one would expect.  She apparently sided with the Rebels and her choice went south as the Tayans were publicly executed in “execution pods”.  This is a great use of Haberlin and Hine’s story telling as they infuse unique vocabulary that one can both identify with as well as infer further meaning from.

Pau wants to see his mother and their conversation leads to a revelation that could be a nail in the coffin for his new found friend, Treen.

Treen is the subject of a council meeting within the Lumani Village as his elders are blaming him for the secrets that Sonat and Pau have found.  Treen assures the council and places his life on the line that Pau and Sonata would not reveal the weapons as well as the travel means that are utilized on the planet. Little does he know…

In the mean time, Sonata honors her silence code with Pau and Treen as one would expect from a Ran.


More Positives

Haberlin and Hine provide the perfect tri-fecta.  Major characters go to their respective corners and you get to see the pressure applied by each respective tribe on the main protagonists.  Who folds?  Who stays solid?  Great story telling!

Korbys still remains the comic foil in this story as he is a bit delusional in talking to his “imaginary” friends.  “Just because you can’t see them doesn’t make them imaginary!”  Seems like everyone is missing out except for Korbys!

Worlds collide at the end of the comic and I would be remiss to give you the cliffhanger of the story!  But dear readers need to stay with this comic!  The art alone is worth it!



Again…none here!  Haberlin and Hine are constructing their own canon.   However, Image Comics is on a preview binge in providing glimpses into other comics as a means to promote sales.  I get it, but it takes more pages away from the stories of the solid comics they are putting out!



I’m getting used to a new (old) universe).  Sometimes it is a nod to Shakespeare.  Sometimes it is Star Trek.   And this issue is like an episode of Three’s Company or Modern Family.  Haberlin and Hine continue to find their influences all over the place!  And I love it!


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