Dark Horse Comics Review: Triage #3

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Triage #3



[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Phillip Sevy

Artists: Phillip Sevy

Colors: Phillip Sevy

Letters: Frank Cvetkovic


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan



“When you find someone who can love you–someone you can love–you forgive them for a lot of things.  You don’t hold them up to be someone they’re not. ” – Szar, Marco’s pregnant partner

Evie, Marco, Orbit, and Tab are forced to jump dimensions during an intense battle with Hunter, leading them to Marco’s desert homeworld where her outpost is currently under fire. As Evie tends to Marco’s pregnant partner’s delivery, Tab must help Marco fend off the marauders that threaten their safety.  This is Triage!




Three women from three different realities, but not so different women.  Huh?  Phillip Levy broaches a multidimensional story where there are three versions of the same woman,  Tab, a nurse, Marco, an apocalyptic warrior, and Orbit, an egotistical superhero…three versions of the same woman converged into one timeline.  But they are connected by bracelets that let them enter in and out of those dimensions.

Issue 3 has all three making the jump from Tab’s dimension, where they were battling the Hunter, to Marco’s dimension to escape.

While this saved all three and Evie (Tab’s girlfriend), it might not have been the best for each of them on a personal level.

Marco’s partner Szar who was impregnated by a third partner, Josef (who was killed in battle) is in the midst of giving birth.  Tab assists in the childbirth while others are attending to Orbit.  Orbit, hurt in battle with the Hunter, is in the midst of a psychological crisis as she reveals she hurt people in the past using her powers, and she is not relishing the role placed upon her as a hero.

Somehow, Marco and Evie have ended up sharing a moment, only to be observed by Tab providing an emotional cliff hanger.

If you are confused by all of this, just think about the web that Levy has created here by using three different versions of the same woman!



This issue is like a wedding…something old (think Multiplicity or any movie dealing with identical twins or triplets).  Something new (well almost in that they are jumping from dimension to dimension.  DC is doing a lot with Multiverses these days and so has Marvel.)  Something borrowed ( no gravity on Marco’s dimension…think Image comics’ Skyward ).  Something blue…(blue in this case being the soap opera that ensues from the relationships being tested).

This issue weighed heavy on the Temptation Island meter rather than the science fiction.



Levy paints wonderful female portraits and his pencils are strong.  He’s immediately thrown these women into an emotional crock pot.  However, he is not cheap with this trick.  While it is very hard to have an original idea and it appears some of his methods are borrowed a bit in this issue, it will be interesting to see how he sews this event up.  And if these women can either co-exist in the same dimension given the events in this issue.


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