New Superman Hush Figure Unveiled by Mafex Is “Super” In Every Sense Of The Word!

by Jay
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The new Superman Hush action figure by Mafex blows away every expectation and is every Jim Lee fan’s ideal gift!

The Figure

Based upon the design by Jim Lee from the infamous 2005 story Batman: Hush , this 6.3 inch figure fully imagines The Man of Steel in a new way. Its multi-posable design and interchangeable heads, hands, and flowing capes provide a near-full range of poses and expressions.  Fans of Superman: For Tomorrow, Lee’s collaboration with Brian Azzarello, will also love the chance to recreate more iconic Jim Lee poses with the new Mafex Superman Hush figure.  Expected to hit the shelves in July 2020, it will retail at $72 USD. This figure will be a fantastic companion piece to Mafex’s Batman Hush figure, also in production.

New Superman Hush

“Hush,” The Comic

Hush, written by Jeph Loeb, pits Batman against an enigmatic foe who is moving Batman’s rogues gallery around like chess pieces. The story perfectly balances the superhero and the detective aspects of the Caped Crusader.  Furthermore, Loeb creates a mystery that challenges the Dark Knight on a personal level. The investigation leads to Metropolis, where Superman is brainwashed by Poison Ivy.  Subsequently, he is forced to battle Batman on her behalf. The climactic sewer fight between The World’s Finest, although brief, is a highlight of the story.   Lee’s spectacular story boarding and Loeb’s internal dialogue for Batman make this sequence stand out.

Including Poison Ivy’s plant wrappings that can fit around Superman’s neck and shoulders, completes the translation from comic to toy.  Also included is a hand wearing a Kryptonite ring to compliment the Batman figure. It remains to be seen whether Mafex will release other characters from the storyline. While the cape attachment is flimsy, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

Look for The Man of Tomorrow to hit the shelves faster than a speeding bullet – and more powerful than a locomotive – this summer!


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