Review: Supergirl Annual #2

by Adam Ray
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Supergirl Annual #2

[Editor’s note: this review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Robert Venditti

Artists: Laura Braga

Colors: Chris Sotomayor

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Review by: Adam Ray



The moment Supergirl is hit with the dark influence of The Batman Who Laughs, she retreats into her own mind. She thinks back to her last day on Krypton, before its destruction. All the while, her friends and family all twist into abominable versions of themselves under The Bat’s influence. In the end, Supergirl’s response to the sudden surge of power and change in perspective is all taken aboard in its own way.


I truly love the vision of Krypton as Venditti is somehow able to combine the sincere and coldly logical society, with a realistic vision of what an Ivy League girl from that planet would be like. Young Kara Zor-El makes sense as a star athlete. She excels at one kind of history but her father insists on science, even down to a boyfriend she otherwise shouldn’t trust down to a family feud.  Kara’s place on Krypton is so clear in this issue, and it’s a unique thing to see.


I think the story would be all the more tragic if there weren’t the flashes of the dark Supergirl she’s becoming outside her memories. If we simply got the story of her last day on Krypton. Show her life as utterly happy until the interference of her father makes her resent things enough for her guilt – or how The Bat wants her to remember her guilt – causes Krypton’s end. That would hit her so hard, with The Bat’s powers as a welcome release. That she’s reminded that past isn’t real makes her commitment to the new look less real to me.


This was a strong issue that really drove home how much we should hate Batman Who Laughs. We also see just how much we should be afraid of this new Supergirl. The main title has many things to look forward to, and this issue has set a very interesting tone and I cannot wait to see the progress.

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