Review: Harley Quinn 1×04 – “Finding Mr. Right”

by Derek McNeil
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Harley Quinn 1x04


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Director: Juan Meza-Leon

Writer: Jess Dweck

Starring: Kaley Cuoco, Diedrick Bader, Lake Bell, Alan Tudyk, Jacob Tremblay


Reviewed By: Derek McNeil



Harley Quinn 1×04 – “Finding Mr. Right”: Now that she’s got a crew – including newest member King Shark – up-and-coming supervillain Harley Quinn needs a nemesis.  Although she goes after Gotham’s big fish, Batman, she ends up with an adolescent Robin, making her the laughing stock of the criminal underworld.



The Joker has Batman. Lex Luthor has Superman. Sinestro has Green Lantern. All the major supervillains have a big name superhero as their nemesis. So, Harley sets out to get herself one.

The central joke of the episode is to show the relationship between a superhero and his/her archenemy as being very much akin to a romantic relationship. And there is much humour to be mined from this.

For example, I love that Harley starts her search by using a Tinder-like website for pairing superheroes and villains. Unfortunately, the best that avenue has to offer is Tommy Tomorrow. Hardly an a-lister, but a nice reference for longtime DC fans.

Having no luck there, Harley decides to steal the Joker’s nemesis, Batman. Unfortunately, her plan to get Batman to come after her gets Robin’s attention instead. The Robin in question is Damian, Batman’s 12-year-old son.

Harley Quinn 1x04

Positives Cont.

Luckily, the romance metaphor isn’t pressed too far, which could have given the episode a very creepy vibe. It’s more like the sitcom situation where a kid develops a crush on an adult woman, leaving her stuck trying to divert his attentions elsewhere.

The scene when Batman finally comes to rescue Robin from Harley, only to be declared her nemesis on TV is priceless. Especially, when a jealous Joker barges onto the show’s set to fight Harley for Batman’s attention.

I also loved watching Harley’s crew sitting with the audience just watching the fight. Somehow, it doesn’t occur to any of them that they should be helping their boss. They just sit back and enjoy the show.



I can’t really think of much to complain about. Some characters are played a bit differently than in the serious Batman comics, but that can be excused due to it being a comedy take rather than a straightforward adaptation. And despite being a comedy, it distinctly shows a respect for the source material that other parodies wouldn’t. The creators clearly care about the Batman mythos and it shows.

Harley Quinn 1x04



This show keeps getting more bizarre with each episode, but that makes it that much funnier. Yeah, it’s silly, but it’s an inspired silliness. This may well be the funniest show on TV currently.



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