Joaquin Phoenix Wins Golden Globe For Best Actor

by Joseph Marcas
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Joaquin Phoenix has won the Golden Globe for best actor in a drama movie for his portrayal of the Joker. Phoenix touched on wide spectrum of topics during his acceptance speech from Phillips to Australian wildfires.

It may not come as a surprise to many who have watched and followed everything surrounding actor Joaquin Phoenix and his portrayal of Joker for months now. DC fans continue to enjoy the success of Todd Phillips’ box office champ Joker movie and now there’s more awards.

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Phoenix’s performance ever since the film exhibited at Venice Film Festival. With his victory at the Golden Globes secured, Phoenix can now set his sights on Hollywood’s biggest prize – the Academy Award.

During his speech, Phoenix touched on his relationship with director Todd Phillips. The actor talked about how Phillips had to convince him to do the role as well as put up with him. He said:

“you convinced me to do this movie and you encouraged me to give everything and be sincere. I cannot believe you put up with me.”

After acknowledging Phillips, Phoenix turned to his fellow nominees. While Phoenix spoke in general niceties and platitudes, he was adamant in his sincerity. He stated:

“I know people say this but I really do feel honored to be mentioned with you.”

Phoenix moved on to the unfortunate events in Australia with regards to the wildfires down there.

“It’s really nice that so many people have sent their well wishes to Australia but we have to do more than that,”

And of course, to round things out in this election year in the US, Phoenix touched on the political climate for a bit.

“Contrary to popular belief, I don’t want to rock the boat. But the boat is fucking rocked…I have not always been a virtuous man. So many of you in this room have given me so many opportunities to get it right, together, hopefully we can be unified and make some changes.”

The boat is rocked Mr. Phoenix and DC fans couldn’t be happier if it’s because of you.

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