Image Comics Review: Pretty Violent with lots of swears #5

by Tony Farina
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Review: Pretty Violent with lots of swears #5

Pretty Violent with lots of swears #5[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]


Writers: Derek Hunter, Rose Hunter and Jason Young

Artist: Derek Hunter

Colors: Spencer Holt


Reviewer: Tony Farina


Pretty Violent with lots of swears #5 picks up back in hero headquarters where our hero in training who looks like a children’s toy but swears like an entire pack of construction workers is licking her wounds. She was defeated by a set of finger cuffs and she may have told her colleague to make animals do things to each other that they ought not do. Luckily, she has a chance for redemption in that she gets to do some PR work to clean up her image.

Meanwhile, her brother, Merc, reminds her that she was supposed to lose to Kill Count and that everything is going according to plan. Gamma may call him a few choice words behind his back. She then decides to forgo the PR and go after her nemesis. While in Kill Count’s lair, she takes on a fire breathing dragon called Fire Tyrant and wins in an extremely bloody and over the top way, which is on brand for sure.

Trying to get any kind of win, Gamma Rae heads for Brodie’s birthday party only to find out he has a girlfriend who looks EXACTLY like Rae. That is slap to the chops for sure. Gamma’s family shows up and ruins the party even more. Nothing really ever goes as planned.

Pretty Violent with lots of swears #5


The last four pages of Pretty Violent with lots of swears #5 is written and drawn by Derek Hunter’s daughter Rose Hunter. Yes, this comic which features some of the most vile things in all of comicdom has a short story by a child in it. That sounds absurd and upsetting I know, but honestly, it is amazing. It only proves that Derek Hunter has an artistic vision and he willing to do whatever he wants.

I have to say that the blood splatters in this issue are particularly gruesome and amazing. Colorist Spencer Holt continues to be the superhero of this bizarre universe. Just look:

Pretty Violent with lots of swears #5

Thunderous applause people.


I don’t see anything wrong with this issue. The team has found it’s rhythm and knows what it wants this book to be. It is fun, bloody and obscene just as the title suggests.


I love that Gamma Rae’s family are total A-holes to her. It is perfect that she can’t help herself. She was raised by villains and she only knows what she knows. Becoming something she isn’t is simply not an option. She tires but fails. The joke in this book about feeding homeless people made me laugh out loud and it proved the point that Hunter is trying to make. While this book looks like mindless nonsense, it is not mindless at all. I can’t wait to see how arc one ends in the next issue.

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