Review: Catwoman #19

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Catwoman #19


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]


Writer:  Joëlle Jones

Artists:  Joëlle Jones ,AnekeInaki MirandaGeraldo Borges

Colors:  Laura Allred

Letters:  Saida Temofonte


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


“Just go home Cat…Go home!” – Carlos to Selina

The fight between Catwoman and Raina Creel turns personal, as the Creel goons descend on the pawn shop. Their target? Catwoman’s right-hand man, Carlos. If your opponent has better weapons than you, it makes sense to take out the supplier. Especially when you have a new enforcer coming into town to put the hammer down.



Joëlle Jones  has taken this series up several notches in both art and story line.  Last issue provided some foreshadowing as to how Catwoman got out of her predicament with her life on the line.  And while the comic did not provide us a blow by blow event of how Selina did get out of a potential drowning, the last impression we are provided from Issue #18 is that Selina used a rabbit’s foot that Zatanna provided her after a bar fight.

I like the fact that Jones givers her readers credit that they can fill in the blanks in between issues and readers can let their imaginations wander a bit in how Selina gets out of her jams.  While that might irritate some as lazy writing, I think it is pretty high brow stuff she gives her readers credit for.


Raina Creel is about over the edge both in art and as a main stay villain.  Her stay in this comic puts her as a real Catwoman villain and I would especially like to see more of her in other comics that are more grounded such as in Nightwing or Batgirl.

Carlos gets a bit of a Walking Dead highlight as he battles the “Creel Creatures”, and he is entitled to some emotional outbursts at the conclusion of the book.  This is good for his character development and good for Jones exploring the collateral damage that Selina sometimes leaves in her path.





The mish-mash of artists is a bit off kilter, but it is a way for Jones to get a break and find some time to develop stories.  To shoulder the entire book is credible, and she does an excellent job of doing that.  But sharing the love of drawing is great too.   She does such a great job with both that I want to have my cake and eat it too!




If you have been following Catwoman in her Batman adventures lately, you know she is now at Bruce’s side.  This emotional farewell from Carlos and Selina’s sister can either make this break easy or it can pull her away from Bruce.  Not to mention that Raina Creel is a formidable foe now with the possession of Lazarus Water from a Lazarus Pit.  Outstanding job on Catwoman #19, Ms. Jones!


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