First Look | April is Open Season on The BATMAN!

by JC Alvarez
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The Caped Crusader is going toe-to-toe against some of the deadliest rogues in his gallery in this advance look at what’s in store for BATMAN and DETECTIVE COMICS in April!

We’re all pretty confident that Gotham City’s grim Dark Knight is no fool, but this April his about to come against some very dangerous threats (and we’re not talking about the Tax Man)! The “Joker War” is coming, but before the Clown Prince returns to plague the citizens of Gotham, Batman will be going up against a new adversary who goes by the name: The Designer! This mastermind has engineered a series of death traps that are guaranteed to ruin Batman’s day.

Batman #92 is written by James Tynion IV and artist Guillem March with the arc continuing and concluding in the next issue Batman #93 spinning the action down a spiral in Detective Comics #1022 by Peter J. Tomasi and artist Brad Walker. A tale that strikes at the heart of our hero as he confronts the villainy of Two-Face and his deadly acolytes of The Church of Two. All this of course is only a prelude to the coming “Joker War” which will put the spotlight back on Batman and his most diabolical enemy, an agent of chaos devoted to anarchy!

Here is your “First Look” at the April Covers of Batman and Detective Comics.

Batman #92
Batman #93
Detective Comics #1022

Batman #92 hits newsstands on April 1 and will retail for $3.99 and concludes in Batman #93 on sale April 15 (also retailing at $3.99) and wraps up the arc introduced by writer James Tynion IV and artist Guillem March, before the impending threat of the coming “Joker War”.

Detective Comics #1022 hits newsstands on April 22 and will also retail for $3.99.

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