First Look | WONDER WOMAN: Dead Earth #2

The Prestige Format tale continues as Diana prepares to rescue the final remnants of humanity, but something dangerous is waiting for them in the heart of paradise in the second issue of “Dead Earth”!

In great anticipation of the upcoming release of the anniversary issue of Wonder Woman #750, the latest prestige format DC Black Label tale continues to unfold in Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #2 by Daniel Warren Johnson. The story is unlike any interpretation of the Amazing Amazon and recasts Diana as mankind’s final salvation, a goddess determined to rescue the last bit of hope and find a home — a new paradise for the last tribe of humanity. Unfortunately, a new evil is waiting for them and not even Wonder Woman knows what to expect next.

Here is your “First Look” of Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #2:

Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #2 (of 4) is written and drawn by Daniel Warren Johnson with colors by Matt Spicer and hit its newsstands on Feb 19. The DC Black Label issue will retail for $6.99.

Here is an additional “First Look” at the Cover to the next issue:

Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #3

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