Boom! Studios Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #47

by Sean Blumenshine
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Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #47


[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Ryan Parrott

Artist: Daniel Di Nicuolo

Colorists: Walter Baiamonte & Katia Ranalli

Letterer: Ed Dukeshire


Reviewed by: Sean Blumenshine



NECESSARY EVIL CONTINUES! After a shocking betrayal, the Omega Rangers are forced to return to earth—and to reveal their identities to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. But can either team of Power Rangers survive the truth?



Jamal Campbell’s cover is cool. It immediately sells the tone and hints at story elements. The fact that everything is sideways conveys that things aren’t going well. It isn’t subtle but it works. The colors are more somber; it’s an effective image.

I like the interior art a lot. It’s very stylized and looks good. The characters are very expressive in a way that is similar to anime. It’s certainly over the top but it fits the material and conveys the emotion of the story.

It’s exciting to see the Omega Rangers back on Earth. We never got to see Trini and Zack return to the show which is the fun of the comic. They’re telling stories that weren’t possible with deeper characterization. I loved that Trini and Aisha got an entire scene of dialogue between themselves. Zack and Trini teaming up with Rocky, Adam and Aisha is a great idea. I can’t wait to see where that goes.

Additionally, I like the conflict between the Rangers. On the show, if the Rangers ever fought, it was due to mind control or something petty that could be resolved in a single episode. Here, the Omega Rangers messed up. They did a bad thing and have to face the consequences. And I like that the remaining original members of the team have different reactions. Kimberly, understandably, is furious. Trini was her best friend. She’s spent a lot of this story feeling abandoned and alone. This adds insult to injury for her. Billy seems more sad. The idea that his friends would lie to him breaks his heart. Tommy is harder to read. He is certainly upset; the art conveys that well. But he’s keeping it in for the for the most part.


The team immediately splitting up again frustrates me. Granted, it is a different mix of characters. But it was exciting to see everyone back only for Zack and Trini to instantly leave again. They’ll undoubtedly come back together again but it felt a little abrupt to me.



This is a great issue. It exemplifies everything that is great about the Power Rangers comics. It has the fun spirit and energy of the original show but adds deeper characterization and conflict. This is a group of distinct personalities dealing with a very personal problem. It looks great and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #47 is a blast to read.


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