Pennyworth Returns With Five New Regulars

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Pennyworth returns with not just a second season, but five permanent faces.

The breakout Batman prequel hit from Warner Horizon Scripted television has signed new series regulars. Returning from season one are Ramon Tikarum and Harriet Slater as Detective Inspector Aziz and Sandra Onslow, respectively.

They will be joined by James Purefoy (Sex Education), Jessye Romeo (Curfew), and Edward Hogg (Taboo). Purefoy is set to play Alfred’s former SAS Captain, Gulliver Troy, who can best be described as charismatic but brutal. Romeo will play Katie Browning, a defiant and righteous art student who experienced the harshness of the civil war. And finally, Hogg will portray Colonel Salt, a calculating would-be despot who conceals himself as a civil servant.

Returning from season one will be Emma Paetz, Ryan Fletcher, Polly Walker, Jason Flemyng, Lloyd Bennett, Dorothy Atkinson, and award-winning artist Paloma Faith.

Pennyworth stars Jack Bannon as a 25-year-old Alfred Pennyworth, fresh out of the SAS trying to establish his private security business in 1960s London, England. He struggles with post-war memories while focusing on current dangers presented to him through employer Thomas Wayne, who will go on to father Bruce Wayne. Aided in his security firm are his fellow brothers-in-arms from the SAS. Throughout the first season, he has battled a cultist group at the cost of his fiancée’s life. Sandra has become his on-again, off-again girlfriend.

The 10-episode sophomore season has already begun filming this past January at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden.

Pennyworth returns with its second season this summer on Epix.

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