Justice League #42


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Robert Venditti

Artists: Aaron Lopresti, Matt Ryan

Colours: David Baron

Letters: Tom Napolitano


Reviewed By: Derek McNeil



Justice League #42: The Justice League suffers defeat after defeat in the ever-tightening grip of the Eradicator. But do the heroes have a greater plan? It’s up to the Flash to outwit and outrun the onslaught of Daxamites, but his next step may be his last.



Since the start of Robert Venditti’s run, in issue #39, it seems that something has been bothering the Flash, making him seem hesitant to act, and also somewhat defensive. I had been wondering if Venditti had been adding something new to the characterization of Barry Allen. However, it turns out that Venditti actually has been paying close attention to recent developments in Barry’s own title. In The Flash, Barry’s connection to the Speed Force has been supercharged, and he runs the risk of causing massive destruction if he overexerts himself.

I am quite encouraged by the fact that Venditti keeps himself up to date on the current goings on in the team’s individual titles, as well as being knowledgeable about their histories in general. We can trust that the characters will act in accordance to how they are portrayed elsewhere.

I also liked seeing the team using a clever ploy against the Eradicator and his army of Daxamites. Although the team is powerful enough to defeat many threats through sheer brute force, they do have some of the world’s cleverest strategists in the team. And when faced with an army of Superman-level foes, it pays to fight smart.

Justice League #42

Positives Cont.

There seems to be a divide opening in the League between Batman and John Stewart. The team’s Green Lantern is calling Batman’s leadership into question, with Superman playing the peacekeeper between them. It will be interesting to see if this rift damages the team or if the tension between these two heroes can be resolved.

Often, the Green Lantern power rings are characterized as being like magic, but Madame Xanadu points out to John the difference between the two: “Your ring is a mere tool, converting one form of energy to another. Magic creates. And is not without cost”. Madame Xanadu is proving to be an intriguing addition to the team. I hope she hangs around for a while after the current crisis is dealt with.

I must say that I love the clear, clean artwork from Lopresti and Ryan. Combined with Baron’s bright, bold colours, the League members look iconic. This is definitely one of the nicest looking titles on the stands.



I have no issues with how Venditti is handling the title so far. It’s still early into his run, but he is proving he knows how the characters should act, and how to adequately challenge them. If these first few issues are any indication, we are in for some good stories with Venditti at the helm.

Justice League #42



With Justice League #42, Robert Venditti continues to show that he is up to the task of writing the adventures of DC’s foremost super team. With Venditti writing the League’s adventures, the future looks bright for the title.



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