Batman: Three Jokers Finally Gets A Release Date

by Eric Joseph
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If there’s one DC story we could dub as being arguably the most anticipated in recent years, it would have to be Batman: Three Jokers. Originally teased way back in 2016 in the pages of Justice League, writer Geoff Johns and artist Jason Fabok shocked us all when the Dark Knight became privy to how three Jokers are in existence – so said the Mobius Chair.

Now, four years later, we’re going to see the mystery unravel before our very eyes, when Batman: Three Jokers kicks off on June 17th. As you may have guessed, Johns will serve as writer, with Fabok joining him as illustrator, and Brad Anderson rounding out the group as colorist.

In case you hadn’t heard, this miniseries will consist of three 48-page issues that’ll reside under DC’s Black Label umbrella. Of course, they’ll ship in prestige format.

Here’s a brief synopsis provided by our friends at DC:

After years of anticipation, the epic story is finally here: find out why there are three Jokers, and what that means for the decades-long battle between the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime. In this powerful, emotional story Batman, Batgirl and Red Hood—all past victims of the Joker—work together to solve a mystery unlike anything they’ve ever faced before!

While we wait, you can feast your eyes on all three main covers drawn by Jason Fabok – as well as three unlettered interior pages taken from the first issue – in the gallery below.

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