First Look | HAWKMAN #23

A life worth leading has the Winged Wonder fighting for his existence and lost out of time in this “First Look” at HAWKMAN #23 as he continues to square off against the Sky Tyrant while avoiding the 17th Century plague of the “Black Death”.

One of the wonderful dynamics of the DC comics universe is the thrilling diversity and colorful pantheon of characters that inhabit the multiverse. Among the most intricate adventures is the Winged Wonder known as Hawkman who as Carter Hall has lived many lives that have traversed the ages (and in many cases, the worlds of alternate realities). In the latest issue of the hero’s book Hawkman #23, he’s been challenged by the Sky Tyrant who has assumed Hawkman’s identity and thrown him back in time to relive one of his most tragic past lives.

Here’s your “First Look” at Hawkman #23:

Hawkman #23 is written by Robert Venditti with art by Marcio Takara and Fernando Pasarin. Cover by Mikel Janin and the variant by Gerardo Zaffino. The issue hits newsstands on April 8, 2020.

JC Alvarez

JC Alvarez

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