Here’s When New Episodes Of The Flash And Legends Of Tomorrow Return

by Eric Joseph
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By now, I’m sure most Arrowverse fans reading this are aware of how both The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow have been hit with an abrupt hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, production on The Flash as a whole has been shut down, while Legends of Tomorrow has already wrapped filming. Taking all that into account, The CW put the aforementioned hiatus into place so that it may ration whatever completed episodes it has across an extended period.

In case you’ve been wondering when you will be able to digest fresh content, take solace in knowing we have the answer for you: Tuesday, April 7th. Just be ready to face the reality that it won’t be long before The Flash goes back on break, because the network will eventually run out of new episodes of that to air. On the plus side, we still have Stargirl incoming on May 12th.

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At this time, I imagine some of you are about to ask what all this means for Batwoman and Supergirl. Well, I’ve quadruple checked across the usual TV news sites, TV Guide listings, my local CW affiliate, and my own digital cable listings, and there’s nothing saying new installments of those won’t air this coming Sunday – even though no new trailers followed the most recent episodes aired this past Sunday.

That said, don’t be surprised either way if we tune in this weekend to find new adventures or reruns. But beyond that, I wouldn’t doubt if it’s all reruns until production resumes for both Batwoman and Supergirl. Whatever entertainment we get during this trying time is much appreciated, so savor it all.

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