DC Universe’s “Swamp Thing” Coming to The CW

by Shaina Lucas
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The CW continues to add more and more to its line-up. The channel has already added the first two seasons of CBS’ All Access anthology Tell Me a Story, now, in true DC fashion, the CW has picked up Swamp Thing. At the moment it’s not clear whether the show will debut on its main channel or on it’s streaming service CW Seed. Dates should be coming later this week when The CW announces its fall schedule. Swamp Thing stars Crystal Reed and is based off of the Alan Moore comics.

The acquiring of Swamp Thing is not what you think. These are re-runs of already aired episodes on DC Universe. Sorry everyone, no new episodes have been announced. The show was canceled 5 days after the airing of the premiere. Sources say the timing of the cancellation was spurred by the decision to save millions of dollars so they didn’t have to store the set in North Carolina. WOW. If I had a dime for every reason why that’s an awful idea (and quite rude) I’d be rich.

Content is currently in high demand since the Coronvirus pandemic halted production. Production has now entered its third month of hiatus. Series typically resume after July 4th, but now that is up in the air even though studio executives say they expect to return to work in July.

The CW has also picked up the comedy Dead Pixels starring Alexa Davies and the Canadian drama Coroner.

Possibly, with Swamp Thing going to the CW, maybe we’ll see some new seasons? One can only hope. What do you think? With so many shows coming to mainstream media, will there be a need for the DC Universe service? Is this a good move? Will we see other shows starting to air on cable networks? Let us know in the comments below!

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