New DC Hallmark Ornaments Coming Soon

by Kevin Sharp
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With July just around the corner, the time has clearly come for a new wave of Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments for the holidays.This year’s selection tops out at over 400 pieces, including several DC Comics characters and props.

Arriving on July 13 are two different Wonder Woman pieces — Lynda Carter and WW84 — along with a classic Silver Age Aquaman. The next wave, due out October 3, will feature a Batman ’66 Batmobile, a Super Friends Hall of Justice, Wonder Woman guitar, and more.

The Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Premiere Event goes from July 13 – 21. Head over to their site to see all the DC selection and others.

Hallmark KeepsakeHallmark KeepsakeHallmark Keepsake

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