Wonder Woman’s Twin Spotlighted in NUBIA: A REAL ONE

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Wonder Woman’s twin sister is finally given her voice in the upcoming graphic novel Nubia: A Real One.

Wonder Woman’s Twin? Who is Nubia?

A character first introduced in 1973, Nubia was created alongside her sister, Diana aka Wonder Woman. However, she was stolen away by Ares, the God of War, and in adulthood came into conflict with Wonder Woman. However, the two eventually reconciled and Nubia took her place amongst her Amazonian sisters. Aside from a few scarce appearances, Nubia has not received as much notoriety as Diana.

Her time is now.

The graphic novel, written by L.L. McKinney (A Blade So Black) and illustrated by Robyn Smith (Wash Day), follows Nubia – a statuesque young woman living with her two mothers – navigate through life where she stands out due to both her abilities and the color of her skin. Despite her parents’ wishes to stay below the radar, Nubia’s desire to protect the people in her life sets her on the road to becoming a hero. Bracelets and all.

On the character of Nubia, McKinney – self-professed fan and black nerd – conveys nothing but passion for this project. “I’ve been a fan pretty much since birth, and I’ve watched her get moved around and appear in various iterations [and] none of them [touched me] the way her original had. [This] was Wonder Woman’s twin sister, just as strong, just as fast, if not stronger and faster. And she was black!”

“As an Afro-Carribean artist,” Smith added, “I’ve always strived to center on the Black community in the comics I make, so being hired was a dream. [When] I heard L.L. McKinney was the writer, I was even more excited. Working together has been great, especially since our artistic objectives seem to be the same: all Black everything.”

Nubia: A Real One is scheduled for release on February 21, 2021, but fans can pre-order the book right now.

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