DC Offering Free Gift With Purchase Of ‘Batman: Three Jokers’

by Steve J. Ray
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Article by Steve J. Ray

Batman: Three Jokers is undoubtedly one of the most eagerly anticipated series ever. Having been teased since even before the DC Rebirth (Justice League #42 – FIVE YEARS AGO), this story has had fans talking non-stop. Now that the book is, finally, imminent, DC have announced that they’ll be giving away a free limited playing card, featuring three different designs, with every purchase.

Here’s the announcement, direct from DC Entertainment:


In celebration of the highly anticipated Batman: The Three Jokers prestige miniseries, DC and participating comic book stores are dealing fans the ultimate wild card by offering a free with purchase souvenir playing card for each of the three issues of the series, while supplies last.

Featuring breathtaking new artwork by series artist Jason Fabok, each issue of the Geoff Johns-penned series will feature a different card, spotlighting the Clown Prince of Crime and his three major adversaries – Batman, Batgirl and Jason Todd.

Batman: The Three Jokers will reexamine the myth of who, or what The Joker is, and what’s at the heart of, not just his eternal struggle with Batman, but how his horrific treatment of Barbara Gordon and Jason Todd has affected them. Arriving at open and operating comic book stores on Tuesday, August 25, the series will carry DC’s “Black Label” content descriptor, identifying the series a appropriate for readers 17+.

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These two legendary characters have been two sides of the same coin,or two faces of the same card, for eight decades now, so this free gift is so apt, and – let’s face it – pretty darned cool. The series is a must have already, but I know that many fans are gonna go crazy for this card, too.

Joker’s wild, Bat-fans!

Images and Press Release Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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