DC 4-Packs to Replace 100-Page GIANT Program

by Joshua Raynor
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When DC first announced their plans to sell 100-page giant comics with both new stories and reprinted ones, I was thrilled. As someone who doesn’t have a LCS nearby (closest one to me is about an hour away), I was so happy to be able to get new stories at a place I was at regularly, like Walmart, and since the beginning of this program, I have gotten every issue released. It felt great to be buying comics again, and getting four or more stories for only $5 was a steal!

But, sadly, the publisher announced recently that the Walmart 100-Page GIANT anthology titles will be replaced by shrink-wrapped collections of recent DC comic books from the DC universe. The first wave of titles has already begun shipping to stores and should arrive in the more than 2,900 U.S. Walmart locations by Sunday, June 21.

Each pack of four is priced at $8.98, and includes a collectible backing board featuring a different DC Super Hero. When joined together, they form an image of the Justice League by Ivan Reis.

“Walmart has been a great partner to work with and we’re incredibly excited about this new phase in our relationship,” said Nancy Spears, DC Vice President, Sales. “They continue to provide an excellent platform to deliver our characters and stories to a wider audience, an audience that continues to use movies, television, home video and video games as their gateways to superhero storytelling.”

DC is also working to make these 4-packs available to comic book stores by September 2020.

According to Bleeding Cool, the packages are set with each package coming with the exact same comics in each pack. Pack 1 comes with Batman #89 Third Printing, Wonder Woman #755 Variant Cover, Batgirl #45 Variant Cover, and Detective Comics #1022 Main Cover.

Pack 2 contains Justice League #45 Variant Cover, Flash #753 Main Cover, Green Lantern Season 2 #3 Main Cover, and Hawkman #23 Variant Cover.

Pack 3 has Superman #21 Variant Cover on top, Supergirl #40 Main Cover, Action Comics #1022 Main Cover, and Justice League Dark #22 Main Cover.

Pack 4 includes Aquaman #59 Main Cover, Batman Beyond #43 Variant Cover, Shazam! #12 Main Cover, and Teen Titans #41 Variant Cover.

Pack 5 finishes with Wonder Woman #755 Variant Cover (again), Year Of The Villain Hell Arisen #3 Third Printing, Catwoman #22 Main Cover, and RWBY #1 Main Cover.

For the location of your nearest Walmart, check out the store finder at www.walmart.com.

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