Generation Zero Removed As Part of FCBD 2020

by David Rasmussen
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Before we begin on Generation Zero: Gods Among Us, we need to preface it with this article from Games Radar.


So once again a new Free Comic Book Day is upon us… and yes if you could leave me a comment as to how I can obtain said free comics from my normal weekly ordering from TFAW via their website? Do tell. But this is about DC’s newly revised plans for Free Comic Book Day… or is it Months… Free Comic Book lasts forever until it stops? Never mind. Forget I tried to ponder that.


So, last week we looked at how Dan DiDio (former publisher of DC Comics) said that he could not tell anyone the secrets of Generation, but that he figures it is probably still coming. And, as such one of the first, if not the major first, hurdles of Generation happening? Has to be Free Comic Book Day. EXCEPT as of this article, well, not so much. According to Games Radar, “Originally announced in February (with another DC FCBD release) as a book that would set the stage for the “future of the DC Universe”, Generation Zero: Gods Among Us was later revealed to be a prelude to a five-part monthly event series to retcon DC’s convoluted timeline into a more cohesive, planned structure overseen by then DC co-publisher Dan DiDio.”

DC Comics (to retailers as of February 2020)

“This issue features a stunning cover by Francis Manapul and features a story — which has been expanded with additional all-new material – starring Wally West, The Fastest Man Alive, which is set to lay the foundation for even more seismic-level changes in the DC Universe,”


“It all starts here, and everything counts.”


So what do we know presently of the now missing in action comics? Well, we know that they were announced as being written by a “braintrust” of Brian Michael Bendis, Dan Jurgens, Andy Schmidt, Robert Venditti, and Joshua Williamson. Art for the one-shots would be done by Doug Mahnke, Bryan Hitch, Mikel Janin, Ivan Reis, David Marquez, and more.

“Since the announcement (and DiDio’s departure), plans for Generation has become “fluid” according to one of DC’s top writers, Scott Snyder.”


“Wally West made a surprising appearance in this week’s Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 (written by Snyder), although it doesn’t necessary preclude him also appearing in Generation Zero (or any related issues) down the road should they be released.”


According to the article both Generation Zero (originally scheduled for May 2nd 2020), as well as a follow up Generation One one-shot (planned for a Late May release) was pulled from the release schedule. Reason behind this was in regard to the massive world-wide shutdown due to COVID-19. So does any of the original pre-order info still exist on both issues One trip to TFAW reveals… nothing. So looking about the usual suspects does anyone have any ads up for these comics? Well yes. If you type up DC Comics Generation Zero on E-Bay you find that it… was a book published in 1991 by DC Comics. Written by Pepe Moreno, with art by Archie Goodwin.

Now if you type DC Comics Generation One? Now typing that yields a post with someone trying to see the as of yet available Free Comic Book Day comic. For about $5, with $5 shipping. Here is the description of the comic from the listing on E-Bay…

E-Bay Listing

“The march toward DC’s future begins here! By an all-star team of writers and artists! In May, DC launches a series of special one-shots that detail the history of the DC Universe starring with the debut of Wonder Woman, DC’s first superhero, and leading all the way to a bold new era unlike anything you’ve seen before. It starts on Free Comic Book Day with Generation Zero, and continues in May with Generation One– with each subsequent month seeing a new one-shot spotlighting the next generation of DC’s super-heroic legacy. The secret history of the DC Universe unfolds before us as seen through the eyes of Wonder Woman, Lucius Fox, King Faraday, and more! What is the previously undocumented “big gang” of the heroic age? What was the real reason behind the Justice Society’s retirement? Which hero of the Golden Age makes a shocking transformation into its greatest villain? The answers set up the boldest DC story lines ever told in this, the first of five one-shot issues that chronicle the history of the DC Universe and lays the groundwork for excitement yet to come!”


And that is what we know presently. A title with much promise, and also much concerns and worries. The sum of all fears, and the promise of better things. Presently delayed, perhaps permanently. But that is a story for another time, as this will have to be filed into the To Be Continued file. For now.

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