Image Comics Review: Reaver #9

by Carl Bryan
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Image Comics Review: Reaver #9


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Justin Jordan

Artist: Niko Henrichon

Letters: Clayton Cowles  


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan




“I am your friend ” – Rekala, a Skin Eater

“You shouldn’t be.  It’ll end bad.” – Breaker, The Devil’s Son

“Eh.  We began bad.  So nowhere to go but up!” Rekala 


“THE GRIM AFTER,” Part Three  – First, the Watch came for the children. Then, they came for Breaker and Rekala. But locking up the Devil’s Son and the Skin Eater is different than keeping them there.  The streets run red in this edition of Reaver.



Rekala, a Skineater and Essen Breaker, The Devil’s Son,  are the cream that rose to the top in this series.  Justin Jordan provided a great kickoff with issues #1-6 to set up the Hell’s Half-Dozen. 

But he has branched this pairing into a child abduction story that leads to more conflict as Rekala and Breaker peel back the layers of this mystery.

This is the pairing that was perfect to bring to the forefront as this comic is a blend of Suicide Squad and Game of Thrones.  It is always hard to pick up a new comic and get invested into  these characters, but Jordan provided a perfect back story to get us to this point.

Arguably, Rekala is the Harley Quinn of this series and is the wildcard that makes this new duo adventure work.  She is the heroine/villain with a heart (literally in her hands at time).  

Niko Henrichon captures the landscape, the time era and the bloodiness of this fictional world.  I am sure his red markers are dry after each issue.



This comic is gaining some great traction and has a fantasy background that is just enough to appeal to that genre of reader.  No negatives, but buyer beware on language and violence…it’s definitely between these pages! 



If you are a Suicide Squad fan and like your action akin to Michael Crichton’s TimeLine world, then Reaver #9 is your book! While there are many that would appreciate the Devil’s son being the main protagonist, I am a huge Rekala fan….don’t judge…just enjoy!  Words cannot describe the “torture” scene in this issue!


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