Henry Cavill builds his ultimate Gaming PC

by Damian Fasciani
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Henry Cavill has shown that he is just like most of us. The Superman actor took to his Instagram feed to show us his PC building skills forming his ultimate gaming computer. The highly entertaining video spans over five minutes showing his order of the components that end up going into his PC tower. Everything from the power supply, to the CPU, memory, processor utilisation clock, and motherboard.

Henry Cavill PC Build

With a sense of humour and a few mistakes along the way his passion to learn something new and conquering what most would pay a professional to undertake, he has been able to relate to a wide audience. His Instagram post has hit over 4 million views with tens of thousands of comments from fans all over the world.

The post is titled, “All the Parts” a fitting title for his journey. Once complete the transparent tower shows off the componentry & fluorescent cabling. A fitting machine for Superman!

The Barry White music was a fitting song while watching Henry Cavill unbox his precious computer parts, read through the instructions while placing the CPU ever so carefully into the motherboard. It certainly brought back memories of my PC building days back in the late 90s, I know I’m showing my age now. Make no mistake, this crime fighting gaming machine is a piece of machinery that even the Dark Knight himself would be envious of.

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