Image Comics Review: Pretty Violent #8

by Tony Farina
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Image Comics Review: Pretty Violent #8

Pretty Violent #8


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Derek Hunter and Jason Young

Artist: Derek Hunter

Colors: Spencer Holt


Reviewer: Tony Farina



Gamma Rae has finally distanced herself from her ex-family, but she’s going to learn the hard way that no matter how far away she goes, they’re always going to know how to get back at her.


Pretty Violent #8 is, as one would expect it to be, subversive and hysterical. Here is, without a doubt, my favorite line in this book.

“So kill them already. All eyes are on you, Gamma Rae…destroy the with great spectacle as has come to be your signature. Children are sucky zombies anyway.”

So, luckily, I wasn’t drinking anything when I read that line because it would have shot right out of my nose. Once again, Young and Hunter remind us that this book is not for children. I love that about it. They never pull a punch. They never try to be something other than they are.

There is a fun detail on the zombies in this book. Their eyes are all adorned with an X. I love it. It hearkens back to the kids comics this is pretending to be.  When they introduce the new band of baddies, the names are so funny, but their looks are even better. The visual gags are just as appealing as the written gags.

The best part of this series is that through it all, it is still a story about finding your own way and dealing with the people in your family who are in your way. Sure, Gamma’s family are villains putting together a group of evil beings bent on world domination, but the sentiment is the same. Families can suck sometimes and you have to figure it out.


Like always, I have no complaints. Pretty Violent #8 is just as good as the previous 7 books. Fast, funny, colorful and smart.


This is a smart, well paced, violent (with lots of swears) work of satire that is a joy to read each month. Pretty Violent #8 keeps the high quality going. The journey on which we find Gamma Rae is compelling. She is really trying. She screws up ALL THE TIME, but who among us doesn’t screw up all the time? Anyone? I really just love this book and hope that Image keeps it around for years to come.



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