The Golden Age Revisited in INJUSTICE: YEAR ZERO on Digital!

Before the events of “Gods Among Us” there existed a “Golden Age”! Bestselling writer Tom Taylor returns to the alternate earth of the Injustice saga with the latest installment Injustice: Year Zero available as a digital series now!

The Heroic Age is something brilliant to behold, indeed. Before Superman murders The Joker resulting in the darkly sinister civil war run rampant in the Injustice: Gods Among Us series, the heroes of the DC universe embraced a Golden Age. Tom Taylor the bestselling author behind the original series Injustice: Gods Among Us is taking the narrative to a whole new level in the latest installment of the alternate-earth series with Injustice: Year Zero a prequel set in a “Golden Age” where our heroes fought for truth, hope, and justice…before chaos reigned.

The Justice League battled evil as a united front, inspired by their predecessors in the Justice Society who clandestinely waged a war for the soul of all nations during World War II. The Justice League discovers the details about the Justice Society’s undercover missions, and it isn’t long before The Joker begins to sow discontent and mischief to destroy from within the legacy the heroes fought so hard to build. “Year Zero isn’t as morally grey as what comes after,” writer Tom Taylor said in an interview. He insists that the heroes stand as a “shining example for all.”

The first arc of Injustice: Year Zero is entitled “Fall of the Old Gods” and suggests that not all will end up as optimistically as one would hope. “By its very nature, there’s going to be tragedy and shocks and deaths, there will be hope, there will be a triumph,” promised Taylor, “there will be love with the loss and heart alongside the hurt.” Fans of the original series, no doubt, know exactly what they’re in for! The first 3-issues are available as a bundle on participating digital platforms as we anxiously anticipate Chapter Four out on Tuesday, August 18.

Here’s a look at Injustice: Year Zero now available on digital platforms:

DC Presents Injustice: Year Zero is written by Tom Taylor with art by Rogê Antônia, Cian Tormey, Rain Beredo, and Wes Abbott, and Chapters 1 – 3 are available now on participating Digital Platforms.

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