Finally The Rock Brings “Black Adam” To DC FanDome!

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Finally The Rock has brought The Wizard’s first Champion to DC FanDome

After over a decade of waiting, actor and new XFL owner Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has tweeted the following:

Finally, The Rock Delivers, but what is DC FanDome? Who is Black Adam?

DC FanDome is DC Entertainment’s answer to lack of convention life for its loyal fans and followers. Completely free, DC brings this massive convention experience to every wireless device on August 22nd starting at 1 eastern.

After a decade in development hell, Billy Batson’s predecessor is not only on his way, but that teaser clip also shows “the man in black” standing in a ruined Egyptian structure.

Black Adam began life as Teth-Adam, a slave in ancient Egypt chosen by the Wizard Shazam to wield the virtues of the Egyptian gods that make up his name. Rechristened Mighty Adam, the powers would soon corrupt him and result in his banishment by the Wizard and his renaming “Black Adam.” Adam would return 5,000 years later to become the nemesis of the Wizard’s modern day Champion, Billy Batson, and his extended Shazam family. Rumors online suggest, given Johnson’s good-guy image in Hollywood, that Adam will be played as a straight hero rather than a villain on a redemptive road. That would contradict his story told to Billy by the Wizard in the 2018 Shazam! feature. According to him, Adam was a reckless choice by the Council of Wizards, as “he used his powers for revenge and released the Seven Deadly Sins” onto mankind, resulting in mass genocide.

Time will tell if both accounts will synch up. Either way, prepare for the coming of the man in black.


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