Black Adam: The Rock Updates Film Production During DC Fandome

by Joseph Marcas
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Black Adam star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson went on DC Fandome today to answer fan questions and update the film. The presentation featured artwork and storyboards showing what fans can expect from the movie.

The Rock Is Cooking

The Rock is really excited about the production of DC’s Black Adam, a production 10 years in the making. Speaking about the progress of the movie, Rock offered some storyboard paintings to let fans know what the movie will look like.

Take a look at what they showed at DC Fandome:


Unfortunately, the movie itself is very early on in production and has not begun principal photography. This trailer is all we can expect for now up until production can begin properly and safely.

Despite all these challenges, The Rock remains as optimistic as ever about this project and one can sense his passion for the character.

One fan asked The Rock why he loves the character so much to which he said his “anti-hero” status and refusal to ‘tow the line’ speaks to him. He also mentioned how Black Adam’s background as a slave really resonates with him. The feeling of a large, oppressive system really speaks to The Rock.

Smash On You Crazy Diamond

One of the guest who joined The Rock during the presentation was fellow actor Noah Centineo, who will be playing Atom Smasher in the movie. Centineo talked about how he’s been working on building his physique for the role by working out on a tarmac. Centineo joked around with The Rock about coming for his squatting record.

Enter The JSA

One last thing The Rock shared was another set of concept artwork featuring members of the JSA who may or not be in the movie. Take a look:

Clearly the tease of Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher should give fans plenty to look forward to when this film finally releases. As the video states, fans will get to experience “truth, justice, and the Black Adam way”.

Black Adam releases December 21st, 2021




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