Snyder Cut Panel at DC Fandome!

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The Snyder Cut took social media at DC Fandome by storm.

Director Zack Snyder not only debuted the new trailer for Justice League: The Snyder Cut, but participated in a 30-minute online Q & A.

Further, he didn’t come alone, as he brought nearly the whole gang with him. Justice League stars Ben Affleck, Gal Gaot, Ray Fisher, and Henry Cavill read chosen fan questions. Even Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins took part in asking her own questions.

“When [screenwriter Chris Terrio] and I were talking about this movie, we’re fans of [the hero’s journey] and this notion that we’d be creating a team. A Knights of the Round Table [theme]. Keeping it mythological and [all these modern heroes were essential.]”

Snyder confirmed there will be additional scenes, especially regarding Cyborg and The Flash. “Fans are going to see a lot more of the Flash and his emotional arc.” On the subject of The Fastest Man Alive, Snyder later says you will see incredible displays of his powers, as he is a man that can “interact with time and space.”

Gal Gadot, fresh from her WW84 panel, went on record to say her casting in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice was life-changing and is deeply thankful to Zack for changing her life.

Snyder credits the enormous international fan movement to bring his vision of the 2017 to the screen. Snyder had to bow out of directorial responsibilities due to personal tragedy, and the film was heavily reshot by new director Joss Whedon. The final product greatly deviated from what Zack had envisioned after many complaints over the moody tones of previous DC films. Sadly, it failed fan expectations and sparked the movement that Zack describes as a “snowball” that finally came to fruition. Snyder had made it a point to not include any of Whedon’s scenes in his cut.

Zack could not be more enthusiastic and grateful at not just this movement, but the creative process as he revisited footage shot in 2016 and developing it with full backing and a professional special effects department.

As for how long the film will be, Snyder had a huge announcement. “Four hours of Justice League will be coming your way.” As to those that cannot access HBO Max, Zack assures fans that he is currently researching different methods to enable them to view The Snyder Cut.

At that point, Snyder conlcuded the panel by debuting the new trailer, played against Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” a song synonymous with the infamous sex scene in Snyder’s Watchmen. From The first footage of Darkseid to the aforementioned focus on Flash and, of course, the black Superman suit, Justice League: The Snyder Cut will definitely deliver when it debuts some time in 2021.

You can check the teaser down below.



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