The Flash Teams Up With Michael Keaton’s Batman In New Movie Concept Art

by Eric Joseph
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One thing that sets the upcoming movie adapting The Flash apart from other heavy hitters being showcased at DC FanDome is that no trailer can be shown – because cameras won’t begin rolling until next year at the earliest. However, we do have some delicious fruit to share.

Thanks to director Andy Muschietti, we can feast our eyes on three pieces of concept art. Not only do they show off a brand new costume to be worn be lead actor Ezra Miller, but he can also be seen teaming up with Michael Keaton’s Batman. It was revealed that the Dark Knight developed these threads for him, so we’ll just assume it was Keaton’s handiwork for now.

Nothing else of note was really said about how the multiple Batmen will factor into the plot (don’t forget, Ben Affleck has signed up as well), so theories will continue running rampant. But considering how Affleck is such a recent addition to the cast, it makes sense that there was nothing to share on that front in a pre-recorded panel.

As of right now, The Flash is scheduled to arrive in theaters on June 2, 2022. Of course, there’ll be much to discuss between now and then, so stay tuned to DC Comics News as more develops.

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